Managing Emotions Programme


Managing Emotions Programme

Together is a charity who work all over the country with people who are in need of different kinds of support. We have been doing this for over 100 years working alongside people with mental health issues on their journey to leading fulfilling and independant lives.

What is the Managing Emotions Programme?

Experiencing rapidly fluctuating and intense emotions can have a significant impact on your wellbeing, relationships, and quality of life. The Managing Emotions Programme offers easy access to psycho-educational courses, designed to equip you with a range of tools and skills to enable you to manage your emotions more effectively. We also offer a separate course for carers of people having difficulty managing intense emotions.

We offer three courses for people experiencing difficulties managing their emotions as well as the fourth course for carers of those people. Each course is led by two or three members of the team.

Course 1 – Understanding emotions – an introduction (1 session)

Course 2 – Learning stategies to manage emotions (4 sessions)

Course 3 – Developing skills to manage and regulate emotions (8 sessions)

Course 4 – Carer’s course – Supporting someone with emotional difficulties (4 sessions)

People will be reffered to the programme by GPs and other external agencies, Berkshire Healthcare is commissioning Together for Mental Wellbeing to deliver the Managing Emotions Programme in Berkshire West. The programme is part of a wider project to better support people’s mental health in the community.

The courses are available to people under primary care services, aged 18 and over, who are registered with a GP in West Berkshire and who have been identified as having difficulties with regulating and managing their emotions but have overall routine psychological needs and low levels of risk to themselves or others. People do not require a diagnosis of personality disorder to be referred to the programme. Features of the courses include:

They were co-produced with people with lived experience of personality disorder

They provide streamlined access to psychoeducational support

Courses are rooted in the voluntary sector/recovery college model

The programme values lived experience as a means to understand distress and to collectively identify helpful strategies

The shared identity of lived experience is identified and all of the courses are delivered alongside a Peer Mentor

Inclusion and a feeling of empowerment and connectedness will be provided through the use of lived experience and peer-mentors/trainers

The courses look to provide a reduction in distress, whilst improving quality of life for people that take part

To find out more about the courses, or to make a referal please see our website.